Two individuals, both U.S. citizens and passport holders, one resides and works out of El Paso, Texas, a real “border runner”. The other living and working in Central Mexico (permanent resident know as an “Inmagrado”). We are the sole owners of a Mexican corporation authorized to do transactions as described herein.

Bill Radcliffe, your El Paso, U.S. connection, is no stranger to Businesses formation and operations, but also a key link to specific entities (associates) specializing in what Fondomex is offering. He founded and operated a specialty industrial manufacturing company that serviced clients in Mexico, the United States and Canada for over 25 Years. He as been affiliated with the Maquiladora Industry (under NAFTA) starting in the mid 1970s. He was a Business Development lender for primary asset based loans for many years. In all those transactions he brokered numerous Factoring (Invoices) and Purchase Order Funding with lenders servicing domestic and international markets. Bill brings to Fondomex a very narrow form of financing, at a reasonable cost, with a simple specific system, which can only boost the businesses that qualify and use our services. That is self-evident to the entrepreneur and reasons touched on elsewhere in the web site.

The other individual has over 50 years of business formation and operational experience in a range of industries, from agriculture, mining, manufacturing, assembly, logistics (importing, warehousing, distribution via truck, rail, air, and exporting globally), I.T. (including associate professor for 2 years at senior level at a Michigan university), education, service bureaus, and in a very, very small way, governmental work. He has been in Mexico 100% since 1990, forming and running Mexican corporations, one of which grew to 11 outlets, grossing over 100 million U.S. dollars per year. This one Mexican operation, had less than 5% turnover, and upon annual audits, suffered no internal net losses. And, of course always profits! He is experienced in Mexican legal, accounting, and management maters. He is well connected with many Mexican businesses, including various consulting relationships both in Mexico and abroad. For security reasons, in today’s climate, access to this partner will occur as necessary. He is not hiding, just being prudent in the times of turmoil in Mexico. Knowing what is needed in Mexico on the financial end to facilitate growth (original request came from a “big box” Mexican corporation) convinced this partner to form Fondomex.

So, what we have here is backbone knowledge of business needs…with the formation and operational experience. We are not just financial lenders looking at numbers and security. But, looking at your business about the same as you look at it. Let’s grow together!

So, follow the simple application process and one of us will be back to you within 2 days working time.
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